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Living Word  Is Our Headquarters Church
                                                      Getting A Breakthrough Ministry

We are a Christian Faith - based, non-profit organization that is financially supported by church members, contributions from friends, and partners of the ministry.  Our ministries are about providing people with the life skills they need spiritually, to successfully face life's challenges through the word of God, so that they can live a victorious life. We thank God for the privileged to be servants, and all we want to do is help God's people grow in Him. We believe that constant prayer and fasting with a lot of God's word daily through studying will help us to walk in integrity. We believe that we were chosen to do a work for the Lord, and we are excited about it. We are standing on the word of God daily.  

Our ministries are family oriented. We have been in ministry for 33 years. Our Headquarter Ministry is Living Word Pentecostal Church. Getting A Breakthrough Ministries is one of our Entity churches located in Houston, TX.  

Getting A Breakthrough Ministries                                                     Sunday Service - 12:00 PM
6419 Haight St                                                                                            Wednesday- Bible Study 6:30 PM
Houston, Texas 77028                                                                        Friday - Prayer 6:30 PM

Living Word Church
830 South Highway 154
Muldoon, Texas 78949


          Information & Prayer Line
                  (832) 833-3035