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             DON N. MCKENZIE SR.

DON N. MCKENZIE SR, a native Houstonian, was called at the age of thirty one to preach spiritual enlightment to those who are lost. Having waited five years after receiving training in theology, which is a study of a system of doctrines on divinity and religion. His first sermon was " Let not your heart be troubled".

He married his God given gift Miss Mae H. King on May 23, 1982, who together with him enriched the lives of so many through their ministry, in Houston, LaGrange and Waelder.

This dynamic couple co- foundered the outstanding Living Word Pentecostal Church (One church multiple locations), south of LaGrange, Tx, north of Flatonia, Texas. They where faithfully married for thiry four years until she went home to be with the Lord.

Years later he prayed and began to seek God for another mate.For the second time he was blessed with another dynamic women of God, Pastor Valerie Lemon, who he married and together they are taking their ministstries to the next level of excellence in Christ.

Through the eyes of God their goal of influence as a ministry is to enrich the lives of all who God will bring their way, by empowering them to walk by faith in the intergrithy of the Lord, and in the rightousness of what Jesus did for us on the cross through their love for God.   How?  By, nationwide televisiion, radio, conferences, and training centers.

​Bishop is also the Founder of    Getting A Breakthrough  -   It's Testimony Time  -   D & V Production

        Prayer Line   (713) 447- 5812